Trying to set up an rotary cutter messed up the x-axis


I was trying to install a rotary cutter, one recommended by the manufacture of my machine, and somehow the x-axis of my machine got out of whack. When I went to frame a burn with rotary installed, the x axis started grinding against the machine. After using the emergency stop, it started to do the same since the machine resets to its origin after every restart. I figured the hard stop switch could have broken some how but canceling the reset and moving the x-axis by the control board still triggers a hard-stop. Not sure what is causing the issue or what to look for at this point.

Did you try restoring the original configuration to the Ruida?

It sounds odd. When you esc out of the reset does the limit switches detect properly? Use a screwdriver to touch the top and they should light.

During the reset does the axes travel in the proper direction to home?

When you get the ‘hard-stop’ does the display give any indications of a problem?

What is a ‘hard-stop’?


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