TS2 focus problem, big gaps between lines

Hi, I have a problem with the laser TS2 10W. I bought the laser in February, but I started using it in July. I set up the laser (I’m not a beginner, I have other lasers). I have a problem that the laser creates lines far apart. the engines are serialized correctly, I uploaded the new firmware. lightburn configuration is from the manufacturer. The macros are recorded from the SD card that was delivered together with the laser. The laser does not overlap the lines and has large gaps between them. There is most likely a problem with the focus. I am also sending a photo for comparison. The 1st photo is from the TS2 laser I bought and the second photo is from my second Totem 5.5W laser. I also consulted with colleagues from the FB group, we tried to set the same settings for the same laser. It works for my colleague, but it gives bad results for me.

The largest issue seems to be with offset scanning.

First, make sure to eliminate any mechanical backlash along the X-axis. Once all mechanical backlash is eliminated then retest. Then use “Scanning Offset Adjust” to eliminate any remaining offset.

Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation