Ttempt at acrylic

My first attempt at 6x6 acrylic i kinda repeat design’s because not sure where everyone else gets these cool designs from but here is my attempt

Speed was around 300 power 25 ish

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I never get tired of seeing that face! Nice job!

Coated with or just a colored acrylic?


I believe it’s colored acrylic the description on Amazon doesn’t mention coating good question tho

Thank you :pray:

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Only ask because a visible light diode doesn’t effect acrylic…

Others may want to duplicate your efforts…

If I got it over the Internet, I just include a link, then others know what you used…

Have you watched the Laser Everything on photo engraving? It is excellent and will teach you about dpi/lpi that you will use anytime you use a laser… Well worth watching…

Have fun


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Oh no i get why you asked … i can find it and link it no problem :relieved: it may be coated it smudges pretty easy im just suprised it came out on first run :joy:

And yes i watched it it is very well put together its my reference video now :blush: thanks for that

@jkwilborn its glass coated i don’t know how i missed that one :joy::joy::joy::roll_eyes:

Geetery 30 Pack Colorful Acrylic Sheets 6 x 6 x 1/8 in Mirror Sheets Laser Cut Acrylic Sheets Cast Acrylic Sheets Plastic Sheets for Crafts DIY Laser Cutting Decoration Signage Panel Photography

My mistake i guess i just got too excited :laughing:

I think that is cast and not glass… A visible light laser cannot cut/engrave glass directly either… :wink:

It’s colored acrylic…

Keep in mind what you are doing at the material level. Heating up whatever the coloring is, that heat melts the acrylic… It’s called indirect lasing…

People use black markers, tempera paint and other coatings to engrave on glass or acrylic.

I actually prefer extruded acrylic… that I cut with the co2. I get it from Lowe’s, Ace or Home Depot…

Good luck… thanks for the link…


another reused design but on acrylic

I just place black cardboard below my acrylic and that works well. You can coat bottom of acrylic with dish detergent then put on top of cardboard. It makes the removal process very easy when placed in water.

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