Tumblers without rotary / rotary question

Is it possible to put a tumbler in the boss laser and engrave an image where it comes out looking normal? I understand it’s going to start curving because it’s a round object but is there a trick to compensate for that rounding before you send the work to the laser? Was hoping to get a 3”x3” section able to engrave.

For those of you with rotary. What rotary do you recommend for boss lasers? I have a 1420.


It’ll depend on two things: the lens you’re using, and the diameter of what you’re engraving.

  • If you have a longer focal length lens, like a 4", it will have a larger region of depths where the focus is usable than if you have a short-focus lens

  • Larger diameter objects will have less curvature

Whether you can get a 3" range will depend on what you’re using. Don’t focus at the top of the range either - focus 1/2 way between the near point and the far point, to maximize the usable focus depth.

so with a 2" lens you cant do detail with a glass with a curve to it? and with a 4" lens you can?

With a 2” lens you could do it, you just couldn’t go as large on strongly curved items. A 1” logo on a beer glass would be easy, but a 1” logo on a shot glass would be hard.

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