Turn off Image in Lightburn

Is there a way to turn off or hide a selected image so that it will be ignored by the Laser until its turned back on. Currently I set everything from both images on separate cut layers and turn off all the layers I dont want to burn. I am doing a bunch of 2 sided coins. So that both sides line up I place the images on top of each other. I turn on all the cut layers for the front which includes the cut layer. When done I flip the piece and turn off all the front layers and turn on all the layers for the back. It works great as long as you dont miss a layer. It would be much easier to just turn on and off the image.

Now, I am new to all things laser and I may be using the wrong method for doing this. And there could be a way to turn off an image in lightburn already and I just didnt find it.

If that is the case or there is a better way please point me in the right direction.

On layer settings - if you set each image to its own layer - you can toggle the “OUTPUT” to off, and it wont engrave. and you can too hide it by “show” toggle off
any combination of both

unless i miss understood you

Thanks for your quick reply.
Just to make sure I am explaining it correctly. Lets say I have a design for the front of a coin. It has 5 parts to it. Each part requires different cut settings. So there are 5 cut layers. The back has 4 parts and requires 4 cut layers. The cut layers for the Back have the same settings as 4 of the Front layers. Currently I create 9 layers and turn off the layers I do not want to print.

Are you saying I can do this by creating all the cut layers for the front side. Then select the complete image and assign it to a layer. Then by turning off that one layer the front image will not print.


I think that is what i am saying but to be certain maybe post your LRBN or one lbrn with the same layout so we can triple check we are both in the same page?

You could also put each side on sublayers and then just have a front and back to toggle on or off.

Thanks guys, I will do some more testing this evening. I apricate your help.

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