Turnkey Marlin works only via SD card


we upgraded a chinese 50W Laser to RAMPS1.4 with turnkey tyranny Marlin.

Gcode prepared with Lightburn works on the Laser via SD card :slight_smile:

But we fail to steer it via USB: no homing, no lasering.
We tried several Windows devices.

The Marlin does not recognized when scanning for machines (not sure whether it can?),
Therfore we have set up the machine manually (rear left, 400x400, Marlin).

Does anybody have a clue how to connect via USB?



Marlin isn’t auto-recognized by the device finder because there’s no standard for baud rate and switching it caused problems with Marlin and other devices. If you cancel the device finder you should be able to use “Create Manually” to add a Marlin device, then go to the Device Settings to set the baud rate.

I have no idea what “tyranny Marlin” is though - We’ve tested with standard Marlin 1.1.9.

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