Tutorial for the focus test feature

Is there a tutorial on the focus test?
I’m having difficulty understanding the numbers across the bottom.

The numbers are just the Z heights of each line.

is that metric then?

It should be in whatever units you’re in, though it’s possible that I got that wrong. I rarely work in inches.

Reason I ask is that all my settings are in inches.

It looks like the output is always in mm. I’m fixing this now for the next release.

Thanks for your help.

Wo finde ich den Focus Test?

Where can I find the focus test?

Look in the menus at the top, ‘Tools’→’Focus Test’.

Note: You have GRBL listed in your forum profile, so important note, you will need a powered Z axis and have Z axis enabled (‘Edit’→’Device Settings’) to work.

Schauen Sie in den Menüs oben nach ‘Werkezeuge’–>‘Fokustest’.

  • Hinweis: * Sie haben GRBL in Ihrem Forum-Profil aufgeführt, daher ist ein wichtiger Hinweis erforderlich, dass Sie eine angetriebene Z-Achse benötigen und die Z-Achse aktiviert ist (‘Bearbeiten’ & rarr; ‘Geräteeinstellungen’), um zu funktionieren.
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Danke, hatte ich nicht gesehen. :+1:

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