Tweeking engraving a photo

I’m struggling with this job. I’m new to laser but trying. I’m to a point where I don’t know which way to go. AFTER MUCH TRIAL AND ERROR I’m at this point
Settings are DITHER, DPI=254, CONTRAST=10, BRIGHTNESS=20, GAMMA=175, SPEED=55, POWER=55.
In the pic on the left there is a glass of beer in her right hand – not visible in the burn on the right.
What do I need to change.
Another thing I don’t fine preview very useful. When I use it the pic is dark and not very well defined. Will it show a clear image if all settings are correct?
On a Sculpfun 10


You have one of the problem issues of lasers.

The brightest white in the whole photo is the head on the beer.

If you notice it’s very similar to the shoulder and the couch and other bright areas where the detail is lost.

To complicate matters, the original is probably printed as a halftone, then photographed may not help.

I think your only options are to fiddle with the image adjust feature and trade off what you are willing to lose for the beer or use something like Gimp, a photo editor and use it’s features such as dodge and burn to change the density of those areas.

The preview is your best friend… How does it look there?

Here is a video Complete Guide photo engraving that is great for photographs and it elaborates on how to make the best photograph for any laser and any material. I’d highly suggest you take the time and see if it will help solve your issue… It has good information along with some about using the dot size adjust feature in Lightburn.

Good luck


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