Two cameras on computer

I have LightBurn on an X86 Linux computer. I have two cameras. One running on Octoprint via mjpeg-streamer. I finally got around to installing the lightburn camera I bought last November. The camera shows in the camera control drop down box, but no preview. I guessed it was mjpeg-streamer conflict. I unplugged the octoprint camera and the lightburn camera is streamed via the streamer.

Looks like I ordered the wrong camera. I apparently measured wrong. I may have measured to the K40 with the lid closed.

I don’t no how to kill the streamer. killall doesn’t work. I think it is one of those new fangled “snap” apps on Ubuntu. Anyone no how to fix this?

My only link to the camera purchase is PayPal activity for Nov19. I must have used PayPal with no lightburn account. It says I bought 140 degree camera. What should I have purchased for an open K40 lid.

I had moved the OctoPrint camera from the pi to my lightburn computer and followed a link that installed a snap app. I deleted the app. With no conflict, now, I still get no preview in camera control window.

Any tips on getting this to work in Linux?

This might come down to a versioning issue - LightBurn uses Qt, and that in turn is using GStreamer (I think) for the camera access. What specific OS / version are you running?

Good guess. I turned on the the debug log and I am missing the gstreamer camerabin plugin.

How to install the plugin is not easy to find. Still searching. Any hint?

I read the whole log:
16:05:06.850 D: “LightBurn 0.9.07” “Mon Aug 31 2020”
16:05:21.280 W: Error: cannot create camera service, the ‘camerabin’ plugin is missing for GStreamer 1.8.
Please install the ‘bad’ GStreamer plugin package.
16:05:21.280 D: Camera error: “The camera service is missing”
16:08:48.431 D: Clipboard data present:
16:08:48.431 D: ()

I did: sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad
which installed the camerabin plugin

The new log says it’s still missing camerabin

More searching to do, now.

Well, now I feel stupid. I should have looked for upgrades first. The July release works.

Just ordered the 90deg camera. The closed lid trial and error method I got from a YouTube video is a pain to align the material with the grid.

I had no idea you were on a version that old - I likely would’ve told you to upgrade first, had I known. :slight_smile:

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