Two Cutting Issues

I’ve recently updated to 9.24…

Now I have two issues I’m hoping to find assistance with…

  1. When “Framing” a workpiece, it frames fine. Once I click “START” - nothing happens yet file sent successfully?

  2. If I “SEND” file to controller, it shows on the screen and when I go to cut, it “SHOWS” properly however is only going back and forth on x axis. it is NOT moving up and down on “Y”.

I can move the gantry along y and it frames along y without issue. it only “CUTS” on x.

I’ve searched and am having no luck.
Thank you in advance

Thank you for reporting this. LightBurn is tracking an issue with the 9.24 release that we are working. You can drop back to an Older Version, know to not cause you issue.

I have added this information for the dev team review. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this follow-up. I’ve found help claiming that I must make sure when working with Rotary that I “DISABLE” rotary PRIOR to turning off machine otherwise it will assume I’m still in “ROTARY”.

I am able to perform normally now.

I have YET to figure out how to get rotary spinning when cutting object. I can control “Y” on rotary with controller (Ruida) yet cannot get it to “START” from LB. I send to file and it only stays on “X” (Understandable as machine “Y” should be moving on rotary but isn’t.

I’m a noob and learning.

Thank you again for the quick reply.

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