Two devices. Please help me

I have two laser machines, but I cannot control them separately, how do I do this? Please help me.
sculpfun-s9/ sculpfun-s30 pro my machines

Assuming you’re on 1.4.00 or higher:

  1. Open LightBurn
  2. Select Device in Laser window for Laser #1
  3. File->New Window; This will open a new separate instance of LightBurn
  4. Switch to new LightBurn instance
  5. Select Device in Laser window for Laser #2
  6. Use first instance of LightBurn to control Laser #1 and second instance to control Laser #2

If you are on an older version everything remains the same except for step 3. You need to manually create a new instance of LightBurn according to your OS.

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i will try it when i get home.
If not, you can explain with video. :slight_smile: