Two GRBL lasers, one Linux computer

Can I run two copies of Lightburn on one computer with two different GRBL lasers - at the same time? I’m running ubuntu, and it’s working fine with one laser, I just have another I would like to use as well.

Yes, just select the correct profile and serial port for each.

And to be used at the same time? Do I need to install another Lightburn application? Can two versions of Lightburn be running at the same time?
Sorry for all the questions - setting it up now, and don’t want to kill my existing laser.

It will technically work if you run two versions of LightBurn at the same time but we don’t 100% support doing that. You need to REALLY make sure that you don’t change any application settings or change the same cut setting library file from both or anything like that. It will technically work but you could end up corrupting a config file if it writes from both instances at the same time.

sounds like another computer will be the best bet. Any chance of a client-server version of LightBurn in the future?

Not really - that would mean a massive rewrite for not a lot of benefit.

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