Two images show in preview, how to delete one?

hi folks, I’m using a genmitsu lc40. When I have the image on the grid on lightburn, its only showing one image. When i preview, its showing a different sized image, in red, and the image i want. Please can you tell me how to delete the red image from the preview ,or, show on the grid as well so I can delete it? thankyou for all your help.

I think you mean laser movement which is red in the preview window, you can turn it off in the preview window.

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As Bernd mentioned, if you are refering to the red highlight, this is the traversal movements of the laser for reference only can be toggled off below

I’ve turned it off, but the image remains on the preview in black, I need to delete this image but leaving mine, which is the only one showing in the design grid? Tried to do a video but won’t accept it

Could you share a screenshot, or maybe a LBRN

Possibly both :slight_smile:

Hi Bern’s, with your help I’ve sorted it. I went to lines and cuts and deleted it from there.

However, I’m having trouble getting the laser to cut the image in the preview. I want it reversed, which shows in the preview, but cuts the “right” way round? I’ve checked orientation etc and seems ok. I think.

Any idea mate?

The best way to help you is to view the file as Gil writes. You can also make a screenshot and sketch what you want on it. Together we can probably handle the task. :+1:


It should appear on your screens work area the same way it’s lased…

You have a configuration issue.