Two lasers, mirroring issue

I have two lasers. One is an XTool D1, the other is an 80 watt CO2. The D1 has an origin of upper left, the CO2 is upper right. Both have the correct setting in device settings. If I lay out a design for the D1, then switch to the CO2, Lightburn will flip the design. If I switch the device back, it flips it back. If I save a file created with the D1 selected, the later open it with the CO2 selected it mirrors everything. This is driving me crazy. Each laser works correctly, prints correctly, the issue only raises its ugly head when I switch lasers, then I have to select everything and flip it back. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to stop this behavior, or is it just a bug I have to live with?

That’s how it works when you change the origin (or home).

All operate at the 0, 0 location in the coordinate system.

D1 operates in quadrant IV


While the other operates in quadrant III


This effectively ‘mirrors’ your image across the Y axes.

You could reconfigure one of them to match the other…


It’s not a bug and working as designed. Origin setting determines how the design is interpreted which is why you’re getting the flipped view.

What you’re dealing with, unfortunately, is the result of that design decision.

As @jkwilborn has indicated you could potentially relocate home on one of your lasers to match the other. The D1 likely will give you no practical way to do this because of restrictions in their firmware. So you’re likely limited to modifying your CO2 laser.

I understand your explanation. If you set them the same, it then behaves correctly on the screen, but mirrors when it burns…. Seems to be a no win situation.

Not a no win, it’s just the way it works.

Getting used to machines and the coordinate system is part of the game.

Take care


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