Two lasers one camera


My setup consists of my workshop bench (fixed) with an array of 20mm dog holes MFT like. My main laser is a much upgraded S9 with a y-axis extension. Above the bench I have a wide angle LightBurn Camera. The laser is mounted via fixation devices that use the dog holes. After doing alignment I find that I can put the laser away and get it back to the same position relative to the camera. So is it possible to backup the alignment data so that I can run another alignment for my other laser (S30). I guess I could run an alignment each time I change lasers.

Any suggestions?


Every device retains unique alignment information so this shouldn’t be necessary.

If you can indeed do this then you should be able to align the camera for each device and switch back and forth.

Note that you need to create a separate device profile for the S9 and S30.

That’s awesome! Yes I have made two devices!

Note that this is theoretical in the sense that I haven’t tried this myself. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Most people do not have camera mounted independent of the laser and have the ability to relocate the laser exactly each time. Let us know how it works.

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