Two lasers, one PC with lightburn

Any tips or tricks for using one computer to send files to 2 different lasers?

I tried that with 2 different USB connections. I had 2 instances of Lightburn running on the Mac. Results were mixed. Too easy for my reptile brain to get confused on what was what…

Are you having an issue doing this, or asking in advance if it’s possible?

Asking in advance… I have a second machine that I am setting up. In the room the PC will be right between the two… I am successfully running lightburn to drive the first machine already.

If they’re both connected via ethernet, you can run one at a time from LightBurn, but not two copies of LightBurn for that yet, because Ruida uses a fixed port on the PC for responses from the laser. The next release of LightBurn uses temporary connections instead of keeping the line open all the time, which fixes that issue.

and via USB? Or one on USB one via wifi?

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If they’re both USB, or one of each, there’s no issue running multiple copies of LB to run two lasers, or a single copy used to send jobs to both.

Brilliant! Thanks so much. They’re different power, so different settings libraries to run the same sort of jobs - two copies it is! Now if only there was a way to change the window color slightly to really help identify which copy was what… :slight_smile:
Thanks for great software, Oz!

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