Two side engraving then cut?

hey, once more!
so i want to make engraving, same from both side, on same spots, if cut - is there such option in LB? Point, that i need same text on both sides and guess, on other side - current workspace, but mirrored (side inverted).

Want the text mirrored on the reverse side?

How accurate it will be ‘after’ you flip it is dependent on how you locate it on the machine… many people use a ‘jig’ to hold it in position…

There is another option if you have a camera.

Good luck


My favored practice is to use a jig made of cardboard for such a project. I make the jig at the time I am making the project so I do not have to realign the jig to my table. Between Amazon delivery boxes an moving boxes I seem to have a endless supply of free material

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pretty accurate if you know how to do that

I use jigs for the table and cut them out of 3 or 4mm plywood… My table is a rolled steel sheet and has some holes in it…


That means, that there is no such option.

There is print and cut… I don’t know what kind of option you are expecting.

It depends on how you put the object on the table …

Maybe I don’t understand your question…


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