Two things about Adobe Illustrator files


probably a bug?

When I export some vectors from Lightburn 9.09 and import the file into CorelDraw, the previous closed curves get segmented into many pieces. The SVG works well (except the fact that the shapes are not combined, but this is done quickly via “Combine” in Corel.

Second (for me) very important feature request: when I import an Adobe Illustrator file into Lightburn and the original has different line thicknesses, all will be flattened to “hairline” and this will give mostly the wrong output for lasering. (it’s annoying :neutral_face:)

I spoke about a year ago with the support that it is planned that Lightburn will get the possibility to “explode” the line thickness(es) to object(s). How far are you with this development?

You could convert the strokes to paths in Illustrator before importing into LightBurn.

Yes, I am doing it actually in CorelDraw. But why to do it manually (especially when many elements are involved) if LB can do this automatically?

And I have to do this always when my customer needs a re-print and he often changes the line thicknesses, so I need to start always from the original strokes.

Have your customer expand the strokes then?

I have not been able to figure out why this happens, but I’m aware that it does. I’ll log a bug and make a note to investigate this further. The SVG compound paths issue is already logged and will get fixed.

For importing paths with stroke, it’s something I’d like to address, but it’s not simple, and will make the files more difficult to work with once imported. It also implies that is the only thing wrong with the files, which is rarely true. A very common issue is people ‘painting over’ details with white instead of removing geometry. If the customer is using stroke widths, chances are they’re doing the other thing as well, and that’s much harder to fix.

But it is possible to implement?

If yes – could you make the present behavior as the default
and with a switch (with a warning text) in the preferences the option to explode the lines for hard core users like me?

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