Types of wood to cut

If anyone is interested ive been experimenting with different exotic types. So I have a wicked lumberyard to go to in Lombard, Ill called Owl lumber. I grabbed the usual Baltic birch and some other beautiful wood, Zebra wood, Black Limba and purple heart wood. 6mm thick planks and all of it except the birch charcoaled. I attached the Limba pics, 80w cut at 20% and its supposed to be hardwood. Anyways ill let all know when I find a nice wood other than baltic birch. It gets boring after a while same color and wood grain

20% what? Power?
What speed?
Man, crank that thing up to full power, whatever % it takes to get 24-25mA through that tube. Start with a slow speed, 6mm/s? and adjust speed to get best cut. You want full power for that job.

Edit: I will add to that, use LOTS of air assist, just blow as much air as you can in to that burning crack. It may also help to move the focus down a little so the optimum focus point is 2-3 mm in to the wood instead of at the surface.

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Lol, 80w laser at 20%, I did all kinds if power and speed tests and all same results. My air is from badass compressor with water filter and I tried on and off and different pressure and that wood just charcoals. I want to finger joint it and have wicked file ready to go and I could burgers on that kingsford crap I made lmfao

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