U axis for Rotary

Anything on mind with the U axis for rotary support for the 708c?

The u axis only works for feeding in new material into the laser. Many attempts have been made to repurpose it to no avail.

im moving the u axis as a rotary already it is just out of scale but it is working

It’s different for Ruida and AWC. What you said is true for Ruida. On AWC it actually does rotational stuff :slight_smile:
I learned this recently myself.

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I found the issue, the pulse count in the rotary menu goes above the machine factory settings for some reason im on scale now, let me know if this can be control by the software in the feature, I have lightburn and the trocen doing rotary stuff !!! https://youtu.be/YmsC4lJy4vA

Chris - That’s only true for Ruida. AWC actually supports this in hardware, and it’s in the plan for LightBurn to take advantage of it.

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And dont mind paying another 80$ if this comes available, and a happy beta tester also !!! keep rocking guys…

Are you just using LaserCad then for your rotary work then? I am about to receive my rotary and wanted to connect it to U because swapping my Y axis cables and changing settings all the time would be really inconvenient.

I have not use Lasercad ever, Im running this controller on Lightburn since day one, for the rotary be sure to have the latest firmware then enable the “Rotary” function on the “common parameter settings” menu be sure to assign the U axis as your rotary, also you may need to change the “origin” setup on the controller, “current position” is what I use, then start messing around with the “pulse count per rotate” settings to adjust any scaling deviation you may have.

I wish you success!!!

ok so how in lightburn does it know to use U instead of Y axis? Or is there an option that is not available on my lightburn because i do not have rotary enable?

Ah crap nevermind… i see an enable rotary button in the laser settings. that is currently off.

Nop LB do not have a direct support yet, do not use that rotary enable, just create your file using the current position settings on LB then send your file, you will need to adjust just work with the controller directly, I started yesterday so Im on diapers on this too

how does it know to rotate U instead of move y?

the controller will take care of that, even with the rotary enable you can jog all axis on the controller to center your work you can also use the box function, a laser crosshair pointer helps a lot.

The drive wheels on your rotary there… Are those 3d printed? Is there an stl available for them?