U axis working on Ruida RCD6445G finally, Yea!

I have tried for over a hour to update my Ruida to the RDC6445G-V15.01.22-LIB.upd so I can utilize my U axis.
I just installed a U axis driver and from the control panel, RDWorks and Lightburn all 3 moves the rotary.
Tried 2 versions of RDWorks. Keeps saying wrong version.

Currently have RDLC-V15.01.19 in the machine.

Any other way to upload this firmware?

.30 is the latest firmware out. I always update firmware via RDWorks, never had a problem.

Does it still support the ability to use the U axis?

Ok I finally loaded it. Turns out it was a corrupt file.
Now to continue setting up this rotary.

U axis is working! :grinning: Thanks to this thread. Ruida 6445 and Rotary - LightBurn Hardware Compatibility [OFFICIAL] / Ruida controllers - LightBurn Software Forum

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