Uanble to update

Hello, Im trying to update my lightburn version to 9.13 but I get an error saying I need to close two other applications that are using lightburn. The dialog box tells me that both of these applications are called Lightburn. I have nothing running, lightburn is closed, my my laser is disconnected, my camera is disconnected and I have lightburn unpinned from my taskbar. I use windows 10. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this so I may install the update?

Check in task manager to see if there is in fact any instances of LightBurn running. Also, you could try rebooting the computer before installing.

I’ve done both of these things and still same issue

If one of them is “Com Surrogate” then it’s the Windows Explorer thumbnail plugin that it’s trying to update. You can either ignore the message, or you can Uninstall the previous version, then install the new one, instead of installing over the existing one.

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