Uccnc Lightburn Problem

Hello Lightburn users,
I would like to ask for your help for the following.
I have a Stepcraft D840 with Uccnc and bought a laser, an OptLasers 6 Watt with Uspot laser.
But now I found out that I don’t know how to get this setup working with Lightburn.
I would like to laser beautiful photos and that are already ready with all filters on it. I then have a BMP file and I would like to laser it using Lightburn on my Stepcraft with Uccnc and Opt laser.

Who would want to help me, I am really a beginner in the world of lasers.

Kind regards Andre99

The Stepcraft mill has within it a motion controller intended for use with a spindle. That doesn’t mean the motion controller won’t work with LightBurn. The first step to determine if you can use LightBurn with the motion controller is to identify the motion controller and then check for its compatibility with LightBurn.

How can i do that the best way ?
Hope you can help me on this way.


It appears Stepcraft uses the UC100 controller:

The UC100 motion controller overcomes problems with removing all time critical tasks from the control computer and Windows and executing all these tasks on inside it’s own high speed DSP control chip outside the PC.

The UC100 controller connects to the PC via the USB port and this kind of port is more modern as an LPT port and exists on all today’s computers.The UC100 has a look as if it was a “simple USB to LPT port converter module”, but it is much more than this. The UC100 is the result of a 2 years hard development and testing cycle and it implements linear and arc interpolation routines with trajectory planner,communication routines, limits and homing functions handling and it has nearly all the functions (with some limitations) as what Mach3 supports with the LPT port driver.


I have try to locatie the Uc100 with lightburn but he cannot find it.
Then he ask do it manual, but when I take Grbl or Grbl-M3 and try to laser a simple text and save the gcode as .txt and I load that file into Uccnc he sees the file and I get a normal screen with the text I just made in lightburn. But when I push cycle start my CNC goes the right gcode way but my laser stay off.???

Andre, have you found a solution for the UCC100 controller using UCCNC yet?

IIRC, the UC100 is proprietary and only uses the UCCNC software.

There may be a way to translate the between the laser/spindle gcode, but don’t know if it can be done automatically.

No not yet Lightburn is working on it I hope soon I hear from them here. And hope I also can use Lightburn with my Uccnc.

Check here I’m talking with Lightburn and the are working on it the say.

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