Uccnc Lightburn support

This was lower power than the Aspire test? Or the same? I was trying to match the 41% power.

See if this version makes a difference.

Marlin-M3-100x100mmv4.txt (280 Bytes)

I think the power is 3% i think but can we talk in messenger with each other i have must wait everytime 1 hour that i can reply to.

My name on Facebook is Andre Alexander i have awhite eagle as picture.

I don’t have facebook but you can DM me on this forum.

Can you try this version of the g-code? I’m hoping this is 41%
Marlin-M3-100x100mmv5.txt (275 Bytes)

How can i pm you in here so you don’t have to wait that long for answer, maybe you pm me in here.

I test the last file it is more powerful, but it goes way to fast isee you putt 6000 mm min can you lower that to say 520 mm min.

I have made my gcode for just vectors lines like square, in Aspire and i can draw on thicker paper not cutting. The scale in Aspire goes from 0 % to 255 %
And i putt for the thicker paper 41% just to can draw on it not cutting true.
I will post the gcode of a other file also made in Aspire.
Maybe you have something that you can help.

And i will post the post proccesor i always use in Aspire to make the gcode only for vectors.

I hope i can make in lightburn my photos and then save it as gcode.

Two files one gcode one Stepcraft Aspire post prossesor

Made in Aspire and good values runs perfect.txt (53.3 KB)

Sorry about that. I thought I addressed that but was moving between designs.

Try these 2 files. First is a corrected version of the square. Second is a dither test.
Marlin-M3-100x100mmv5.txt (274 Bytes)

Marlin-M3-ditherv3.txt (55.4 KB)

How can i pm you i cannot find that in the form hihihihi the files i will test them tomorrow.

I sent you a direct message. It will show as a green indicator on your profile pic. Else click on my profile pic and choose “Message”.

Did i send you a pm ??

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