UDP Command to start specific device


We are setting up a new engraving system, it is triggered using UDP commands from a central control system to PCs with Lightburn, what we want to do is have one central PC/Server which runs Lightburn to all machines. Is there a command to enable us to select which device to start the engraving on.

For example we have:

Engraver A

Engraver B

Engraver C

All connected to one central PC, we send a UDP command to forceload and start an engraving with the associated file. However, we have no way of controlling which machine it goes to, to save us having to set up a PC for every machine is this an available function?

May want to explain a bit more on what you are up to…

It’s pretty much frowned on to have a machine start and run with no supervision or at a remote location… They can start fires and other things can happen…

If you are sending it via UDP is seems you need the ip of the machine which would identify the target machine.

There is no reason you can’t run three instantiations of Lightburn, one for each laser from one computer…

There is also no error reporting with UDP, so how do you know if it worked at all?

You’ll get better answers with more information… One of the lightburn people will probably have to advise you anyway… they know how all this smoke and mirror stuff works…


Thanks for your reply.

For reassurance the machines won’t be running unattended, it’s simply time saving exercise.

Running multiple instances of Lightburn isn’t a bad suggestions, I didn’t realise that was possible. However, I’m not sure how we’d differentiate the different instances - any suggestions?

Really don’t know enough about how you operate to make any kind of useful suggestion…

Good luck


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