UI Problems after update to 0.9.21

Two things are happening after installing new update today.

  1. “Move” Window UI is loading minimum height (squished) as per image.

I can re-size to make larger and move it around but if I shut down computer and restart it goes make so being minimized.

  1. Im also getting a Library Fail Load Error which I cant seem to fix:

Library Fail Load Error

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve got the Library Fail Load Error resolved. I just reloaded the library in a new location and its working fine now.

Do you normally keep the move window un-docked? I have not seen this behavior, but I always have my windows docked / tabbed together.

@LightBurn - No, normal the move is docked. When I restart the system since the update my screen looks like this:

The MOVE window is docked and minimized shown.

If I grab the top of the MOVE window and drag up to expand it I get this at max distance:

Then, if I grab the bottom of the MOVE window and pull down I get this at max distance:

So, when MOVE is docked, this is the max size the window can get. I can read everything but it is still squished.

When I undock the MOVE window then I can expand size move and there are no constraints as shown here:

You don’t have enough vertical resolution for all three windows on the left. Dock / tab the Move window over the Cuts/Layers window or the Laser window. All the windows in LightBurn have minimum heights, so the UI manager looks like it’s just “giving up” because of how you have them arranged.

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