Ultimate Air Assist with RDC6445G and Lightburn

I just installed a Ruida RDC6445G in my Full Spectrum machine. The controller works great. I am trying to get the ultimate air assist from Cloudray to work. I got everything wired up but the controller does not turn on when I turn the power on. I have seen that there is a setting on the controller to enable the blower. could this be the reason, or do I need to be looking at something else? Thanks!


The Ruida doesn’t turn on or something else isn’t turning on? If the Ruida controller isn’t turning on, you have shorted something out.

The Ruida doesn’t turn on. If I pull the connector out that is set up for the air assist, it will turn on…I guess I will look at the wiring again…it seems pretty simple though…

I just checked out the kit and see it comes with several diodes. Double check the polarity on those. I bet one or more are backwards which would definitely produce the problem you are seeing.

Can you post a picture of your air assist wiring?

I checked the polarity and it flows from the black to the silver side. Here are a few photos of the diodes…

Assuming that the yellow and red wires are the positive terminals, that looks correct.

Yes, the yellow and red are positive. The red wire is the wire coming from the PS. I have another wire on the othe side of the relay the connects to an outlet. The other wire from the PS goes directly to the outlet.

So, it was a stupid simple issue. One strand from one of the wires didn’t get seated correct and was touching the terminal next to it. :expressionless::thinking:


Happens to the best of us

thanks for the assist! :slight_smile:

Wire ferrules are your friend :slight_smile: Any time I have stranded wire going into a compression terminal like that I crimp a ferrule on just to make sure that exact issue doesn’t happen.