Unable to bend text

Hi, I have had to reinstall my lightburn after a pc update, when now doing text the blue circle has disappeared so I can’t bend the text - any ideas?

Try if you can bend the text in my little file.Text-test.lbrn2 (23.8 KB)

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Thx, but weirdly lightburn doesn’t recognise that as a file it can open?

I think bending text came out in version 0.9.12


I have the same older version as before and it worked then but not when reinstalled - anyway paid £23 to update and is there now again - thx anyway

… a lot has happened since then !!!
The file format is e.g. extended / changed to .lbrn2, that’s probably why you can not load my small file.

the current version is:Skærmbillede 2021-11-22 kl. 14.51.04

I want to think that there was simply a mixup in versions but find this slightly worrisome if true.

I didn’t think LightBurn employed any server-side feature enablement so this would come as a surprise. Although not sure if this is how dsp/g-code functionality is handled.

Maybe we can get some insight from @LightBurn after the holiday.

GCode / DSP is handled by the license, but individual features are not, and none of the features are date stamped like that. I believe this had to have been a version mixup.

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