Unable to calibrate camera

Hitting a roadblock with setting up my ThunderCam on Lightburn.

I am running a Nova 35 80W, Mac laptop on 10.14.6.

The software is recognizing the camera but when I try to run the calibration wizard, the “next” button is greyed out when I select my camera.

I’ve unplugged the camera to assure that it does disappear if not plugged in, and I’ve restarted the system. ThunderLaser has nothing on their own website about this issue but just direct you to the lightburn support forums for anything camera related.

After an hour of searching and reading old threads, I’m just unsure of why I’m not able to do the calibration. Any troubleshooting tips for getting on with this?

Anyone? I’ve spent two days beating my head against a wall to get the camera calibrated but can’t move past this step. I don’t know what to do at this point so that I can just use the camera

  • If you try to use ‘Facetime’ and select the camera, does that work?
  • If you try to choose the Facetime HD camera in LightBurn, do you get an image?
  • Do you have the system permissions set to let LightBurn access the camera?

well the last one solved it. I feel pretty stupid that it was something that was as simple as a checkbox that I missed when doing setup. Thank you

You shouldn’t feel stupid - camera permissions weren’t a thing for a long time, and it still feels a bit hit & miss with them. The OS is supposed to prompt you when you try to access it, and doesn’t always do that, which makes it look like our bug, not theirs.

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