Unable to connect lightburn with my Mac laptop

I always use lightburn with my dell laptop and it works fine but I just tried to connect to my Mac laptop and the console keeps reading “waiting for connection“ even after I select the device. Please help!

Do you have other software using the Shapeoko at the same time? Easel or Carbide Create? Have you used the machine from MacOS before?

If not, there’s a potential issue with the USB driver on MacOS conflicting with the driver used by the Shapeoko. Try power cycling the Mac, and if that works, it’s likely the driver conflict and I can point you to resources on fixing it.

We use carbide create but not simultaneously, only when we are using vcarve to cut stuff out. This is the first time using our Mac laptop with lightburn. We always use the Dell because we could never get the Mac laptop to work with it.

This link discusses the issue and how to fix it:

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