Unable to connect to Laser after shutdown of pc

Im at a bit of a loss Im in the middle of what I think is an awesome project, used the laser plenty last night, shutdown the pc and laser when finished as normal, went to pick up where i left off today and boom, Lightburn asks me to set up device so it can store settings etc, usb connected, drivers checked and updated, laser turned off, pc restarted, lightburn uninstalled and then reinstalled, my computer recognises the port/usb but Lightburn wont find it.
A side note which may be playing a part is the file I was in last night, if I try to open in I get and error line 3631? so im assuming that file may be corrupted
thats about the extent of my computer knowledge, grateful for any help
Xtool D1 pro
PC- HP desktop windows 10

Also, I just switched it all back on and created a dummy device manually. when I turn on the laser, I get Com 4 port pop up in the port drop down, to me implies its connected or thinks it is, but still no option under device and nothing found when searching for device even though the port is now selectable

try with this

again if you had already done it

Legend thank you, this has allowed it to communicate again, thank you thank you thank you!

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