Unable to dock Art Library at bottom station where laser and Library are docked

I have 1.5.01 and WIN 11, I can open the Art Library but can’t dock it at the bottom next to Library or Laser panels. I just stays fully open, I have tried double clicking to no avail and there is no minimize button to make it smaller, so it is taking up most of my screen. I have tried dragging to cuts and Move panel and bottom panel but won’t minimize. Is this a problem with the new version as I hadn’t loaded the Art Library in previous versions and just started learning to use it.

I just tested Docking the Art Library on the lower right corner, on top of my Laser window.

If the Art Library window is taller than the destination, the Docking won’t be enabled. Select the Art Library window, mouse up to the top edge of the Art Library window and activate the vertical size adjust tool (a two headed arrow). Right-click, hold and drag the top bar to make the window shorter.

After this adjustment, let us know if you have found success with this. :slight_smile:

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Yes that worked thanks. Will it remain docked when opening a new instance of Lightburn or will I need to do this each time I open

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It ‘Should’… but as a Safeguard, click File, then click Export Prefs (preferences file) and save that somewhere convenient and outside the influence of Microsoft OneDrive.

If for any reason your settings go awry, you can reimport that file and return your setup to today’s settings.

If you open a second instance of LightBurn, it should grab the Latest version, or last-saved version of the preferences file.

I’m not certain if launching a new instance right now would grab yesterday’s version of the prefs file or the Exported version of the prefs file.

Generally, when LightBurn closes after a change to the settings, a new Prefs file is written. When you close the second or third instance of LightBurn, if a change is made to the settings, that prefs file is saved. The last instance of LightBurn to close (after a settings change) will be the one that you start with the next time you launch.

It may be worthwhile to save your project file, close LightBurn, and wait for a couple of minutes to make sure the latest prefs file is written.

We occasionally see issues with files being damaged when the directory has ‘OneDrive’ in the path. On some Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems, the ‘Documents’ file is in the ‘OneDrive’ path and it can cause problems for some.

Thank you for your fast response and detailed answer. Hopefully I can work through your suggestion and see what happens

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