Unable to get Lightburn to start burn at set origin

I have not used Lightburn much since getting my new JTech laser and Shapeoko CNC. I was able to burn a couple of things very successfully when I first assembled the Shapeoko. It has taken me a lot of weeks to fettle the CNC machine and have it mill perpendicular to the baseboard. All of that now works fine.

Today, I wanted to use Lightburn and I loaded it up and it mentioned an update. I now have version 0.9.19 installed. The JTech laser is attached to the Carbide router mount centrally, via a magnetic connection. I estimate the laser head to be displaced from the centre of the spindle… in the Y- direction by around 95 ~ 100mm.

My artwork was placed inside a circle of 47.5mm in diameter. My origin was set for the centre of the circle. The burn starts around 50mm further towards the Y- direction so it misses my workpiece. Has something changed in the latest version of software? (perhaps I missed the announcement because I have been away from the forum for a while)

Also weird direction issue… After homing the carriage, the first press on the Y- key takes the carriage some way in the X- direction. Then it will travel in the Y- direction. Also an issue with the 5mm being that sort of gap then jumping quite a large gap then back to 5mm.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

OK, resolved… wrong version GRBL loaded. Apologies

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