Unable to read EEPROM data at start

Hi to everyone!
Recently i’m entry on laser engraving word. Firsto of all i’ve decided to buy this software because i think is a good SW(now on trying period!)
I have buyed a Twotrees TotemS Laser engraver that run GRBL
Unfortunatelly after i write new parameters on GRBL(like $21,22 and 23 for endstop setting) and save in the next restart of program EEPROM are not read and data reset.
WHY? I Paste my console output here

EEPROM read failed. Reset and restored to default values.



































Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]





Target buffer size found





Homing cycle is not enabled in your Grbl settings.

My Pc are a laptop that run Windows 10, I7 10870H, Geforce RTX3060 ,16gbo memory

Tnx a lot

Some of these machines will not allow you to make a permanent change in these.

They reset to defaults when it’s reset (rebooted). I would assume yours is one of these.

Really not good for the user.

You can read and (attempt) to write via the ‘Edit → Machine Settings’ which can read, write, save and load a configuration.

Might look at how to set up a ‘macro’ and then you can just press one of the ‘macro’ buttons in the ‘console’ tab of the cut/layers window.

found this thread…


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Tnx for your reply. Unfortunatelly i know that LaserGRBL haven’t this problem. For now i’ve created a macro that set 21,22 and 23 command but i prefer to know why this hapAnyway i think that is a good think report any issue to the assistance forum hoping that it resolve this!!

See you!

I wasn’t sure about your machine. Some of them will not allow you to change it. I’m sure it simplifies their tech support…

Did you try changing it via Lightburn in the ‘Edit → Machine Settings’ ?

Don’t forget to ‘write’ it back to the laser when you change somethings. If it does allow you to change it, save a copy of the configuration in case you hose it up somehow.

I look back and realize that link was for a differnt machine… sorry about that.


The standard firmware for Two Trees does not allow writing permanent changes. This should be the same with LaserGRBL as it’s a firmware problem, not a software problem.

How have you determined that this is not a problem with LaserGRBL?

Apparently different/newer firmware may allow changes but introduce their own problems. Look here for more information:

because if i play the same thing in lasergrlb and read parameters they are correct.


I suspect you’re seeing cached values in LaserGRBL and not permanently written ones. If they were permanently written, you’d see those values reflected in LightBurn.

Are you able to make a change in LaserGRBL and see the change in LightBurn? If no, then those changes are not persistent.

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Sorry form my silence. In this days i’ve mailed with service of Twotrees. your thing are right, LaserGrbl like Lightburn not read saved data after restarting machine because it not saved
Now i installed a new firmware sending from twotrees assistance but homing not work and y axis are inverted. definitelly machine not work but now save the command!!!

I wish i can resolve as sonn as possible
have a nice day!

I don’t know why Twotrees is always sending misconfigured firmware. The link to the other Topic has the same issues.

The last little CNC I purchased, was from Vevor. When I first booted it, the z axis went down to towards the table. :frowning:


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