Unable to renew my licence!

I cannot get past the Checkout point. It asks to login but then I get the message that my account does not exist.I want to pay the 30 $ because I really want to get the new updates , but I am stumped.

You need to create an account if you didn’t before. This is something new within 6 months.

I had an account when I bought my licence , when I create a new account will I then still pay 30$ or must I then pay 40$?

Click on the little person in the upper right of the main page. See if you can log in there. Try the lost password. If neither work you might not have an account for purchases. Worse case email lightburn support and see if they show you have an account.

Thanks I will try to email them!

You are not alone - I had thesame problem - you may have to create an account in the new login portal and then also create an account in the old Lightburn shopping account as it doesn’t remember your old membership - I had to get Ray’s help to understand and get through it. I love LB but they kinda messed this up!!! Good Luck.

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