Unable to send file to laser

Hello again,
My husband and I share the Lightburn license on each of our laptops. I basically do the designs on my laptop; he then takes over the lasering end of it using his laptop.

We’ve been using Lightburn since early this year with no issues. As of a couple of days ago, when he opens a file on his laptop (after I’ve designed it on mine) and sends it to our laser nothing happens, no error message, nothing. The file does not transfer over to the laser.

This occurs only on the recently created files. Any files older than the past few days, we have no issues sending to the laser. To remediate for now, he copies the design and pastes it to a brand new file using his laptop. Only then is he able to proceed as usual.

Is there a setting I inadvertently enabled/disabled? I had my laptop replaced a couple of weeks ago and had to reinstall Lightburn. For a few days I procrastinated inserting the license key and was using the trial version. We thought this could be the issue. After updating the license key, the problem continues.

Is he creating designs that are outside of or touching the page boundaries? Is your system set to discard those automatically?

Do you have ‘Cut selected graphics’ enabled, and nothing selected?

He deletes anything outside the boundaries (if anything is there) before sending the job to the laser. He rarely uses the “Cut selected graphics” feature.

How are you connected to the laser? (are you both connected to it, or just his machine?)

LightBurn will warn you if there’s an issue - you’ll get an error of some kind, so the fact that he gets nothing at all is very strange. Can you email a LightBurn project file that is failing to our support at lightburnsoftware dot com email address, and include a link to this thread? I can look to see if there’s anything odd there. Are you both set up to use the same device type and origin settings?

We are both connected to the laser, but I almost never send a job from my laptop. I am connected via WiFi; his via the USB cable.

I will email you a file that I created today (the test file from my previous topic). When he opened it on his laptop, he couldn’t send it to the laser. The only way he could was by copying the image, creating a new file and pasting it.

There’s a chance that because you’re both connected, the laser is confused. If you create a ‘fake’ laser device profile on your computer manually, as a USB connection (so it will never be found) and use that one when just creating, that might help. Only one person can be connected to the laser at once. It’s possible it’s something else entirely, and if it was working before it should still work, but it’s a possibility.

I mispoke…
This is what shows on Lightburn:
Laser Connection

Because I saw the laser listed on the bottom right, I assumed it meant I was connected. But in reality I am not connected.

It’s still worth having you create a dummy one that never connects, just to see if that could be causing it. If you run first, then your husband runs his, it might be listening to you and ignoring him, or vice versa.

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