Unable to set origin. Y axis reading incorrectly

Ive checked a lot of different things and having a lot of issues. I cant set the origin properly.

I have a 400mm by 400mm bed area. Device is setup for 400mm x 400mm origin at rear left.

I have moved the laser to the rear left and turned off and on. I pressed clear origin and set the origin there.

when i hit go to origin it goes to around x 0 and y 180 but the software under move says x 0 and y 370.

Ive tried different configurations and cant get this set right where it reads the area correctly.

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Your profile says “K40” in the machine type, and your laser is called “Laser1”, so I have no idea what firmware you’re using, or with which board.

A K40 is not 400 x 400, and the way you specify the size of the machine is dependent on the controller you have. For example, if it’s GRBL, you’d change the $130 and $131 values in the firmware: Grbl v1.1 Configuration · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub

If it’s Smoothieware, the settings are called alpha_max and beta_max in the config.txt file on the board: https://cohesion3d.com/knowledgebase/setting-up-the-correct-bed-size/

The settings in LightBurn don’t change the size on the controller, they just tell LightBurn how big an area to use, and should match what you’ve set in the controller itself.

“Go to origin” in LightBurn just sends the laser head to whatever value you’ve previously set as the User Origin using the ‘Set Origin’ button, not the origin of the machine.

It was a modified k40 basically. Using the m2 nano julong board and I replaced with cohesion 3D. The area is 400 x 400 and I had no problems with the m2 board and k40 whisperer before. Its running smoothieware on the board now.

When i connected the machine it didnt find the device until i added it in manually. Since I needed 3 machines I called it laser 1.

Thank you I had i no idea about having to set them here.

I changed the values as stated in smoothie to proper values. Im still getting issues tho and reading it as x 0 and y 400 in the software when it should be at 0.0. Any idea what Im doing wrong or issue is?

Its not shown in pic but alpha is also changed to 400. I noticed I missed it but changed and still issues.


The rear-left point is 0x, 400y if the Y axis is 400mm long. The origin (0x,0y) is the front-left of the machine. This is normal Smoothieware operation.

Ok so when I go move the laser to 200 , 200 it goes no where near the center.

The rear position was always the home position in k40 whisperer and the nano board. So do I need the laser set to front position home instead now?

Have you figured out if the laser moves the correct distance? IE, if this isn’t a K40, the step lengths for the motor movement may be incorrect.

Step 6, here: Configuration Adjustment Guide - Cohesion3D

And yes, the origin point is front-left.

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