Uneven offset between cut/line operations

Hi All, hoping someone can point me in the right direction - I have an issue with what looks like loss of steps or something going between two cut operations.

Basically in this image the inner line should be uniform offset all the way around, but I think when it’s getting the the apex in the lines the sudden direction change is causing it to shift down.

Apart from slower speeds or replacing my steppers with hybrids or servos with encoders, how can I avoid this?

(The gaps in the outline are because I’ve set my min power too low, that’s an easy fix)


Have you done a mechanical review? Specifically, have you checked to make sure your belts aren’t slipping?

Yeah the belts are fine. The X axis belt could be tightened but the Y axis belts are both more or less the same (and this issue presents on the Y axis)

If you’re absolutely certain it’s not something mechanical then you have little recourse based on your original premise.

You’ve handcuffed the options here. Can you elaborate what type of thing you’re hoping to see?

How does it look in preview?


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