Unexpected behavior or possible bug

Hello All,

First time caller, long time LightBurn user.

Interesting thing happened to me today, I had just finished up the second and final fill pass on a logo I had used many times in the past. When that finished up I ran a started a single line burn around the logo. As that was running I went to the design window and drew a small cross hair to burn into my spoil board on my CNC as a marker for future job setup. The line burn job finished up and as I pulled the project off the spoil board I noticed the cross hair was burned into it. Looking at it, LightBurn grouped the logo and cross hair and added it to the job at some point after I started the line burn job. I ended up with a second logo and cross hair burn on the project positioned off center from the original logo burn.

Did I mess up trying to save a few minutes of design time thinking I could use LightBurn while it was sending g code to my laser or is that a bug?

Software: LightBurn 1.2.01 on a MacBook Pro running Monterey
Hardware: Jtech 7watt on a Shapeoko 3
GRBL Ver 1.1

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