Unifing selctions

Hello, it has been awhile since I last used LightBurn, so this may be a redundant question. I have a image that I wish to select the entire image and then link all element within the image/selection into one unit, so when I move the image ALL the elements move as one. What is the command for that action? Thank you in advance for all the help


If you drag with the left mouse button pressed down a square about all elements, then you can move around with them as a simple element. And if you, when they are all marked, group it you have a coherent object. (of course they can be separated again)

As Bernd mentions, Group and Ungroup will allow you to do this. Have a look at this section of the documentation for more: Basic Usage: The Essentials - LightBurn Software Documentation


When you create shapes in LightBurn, they’re independent of other shapes you create. Sometimes it’s handy to be able to treat a collection of things as a single unit, to make sure they keep their relative position and size when you’re moving them around. In LightBurn, this is called a Group. If you select two or more shapes and click the ‘Group’ button (), or press Ctrl+G, you’ll create a new object that contains the original shapes. To un-group the objects so you can edit the individual parts, select a group of shapes and click the un-group button (), or Ctrl+U.

You can tell if a shape is in a group or not based on how it looks when selected.

Ungrouped objects are displayed with a simple dash pattern when selected, like the single circle above on the left. A grouped shape shows a repeating dot-dot-dash pattern when selected, shown on the three smaller circles above on the right.

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