Uninstall lightburn to install on new machine

Is it as easy as uninstalling lightburn to install on new computer. I dont want to use up an install on a computer that i wont be using.


also to add. after just opening it up on the old computer for the first time in a while. i get a notice saying the grace period is over. I own this software. what does that mean

One extra step - on the machine you’re moving away from, go to Help -> License Activation and Trial, and click the Deactivate button:

That removes the computer from the license so you can install on another machine. The license data, like your preferences, will survive uninstalling and re-installing.

It means that it hasn’t been able to contact the license server in a long time, it’s not an error, just a warning, and one that’s been removed in later versions - I originally reported all info from the license system without entirely knowing what I was reporting, but this isn’t an error, and has been removed. If you let the machine sit a moment it won’t appear again.