Uninstalling lightburn from mac desktop

How can I remove all of the lightburn software files from my mac desktop computer? I cannot get lightburn to work with my xtool D1 properly. I would like to switch back to stool creative space because lightburn is too complex for my needs and does not connect with wifi. I need to move my machine to the garage for ventilation.

Isn’t it just a matter of deleting the Lightburn app from your Applications folder? Same as a lot of Mac software.

No- there are a lot of other files you might need to delete if you want it completely gone. Not usually a problem if you just delete the app from the applications folder.

What other files? My Lightroom executable and preferences are in that one folder (I’d call those the Lightburn software). My other files ( .lbrn and library) I’ve put on an iCloud drive so 2 machines can use them.

Correction. My Preferences are actually in my user Library folder. When I had Lightroom show me where they were it looked like it opened from the Application/Lightburn but actually opened from Library/Preferences/Lightburn.

Thanks for your help. I got everything removed.

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