Units not Changing Post Software Update

Hi LightBurn team,

Thanks for the software update, and everything looks good functionally. There is one error I noticed, and while it is not the biggest deal it is noticeable to me.

Essentially when I change the units using the button (to the right of rotate) - it changes the numbers from inches to millimeters (or reverse), but not the units next to them (always β€œin”). You can see in the attached pictures where I had a 1" box 1" away from the origin, and switched the units. I just keep using the wrong units, or it takes me a second to consider the scale of the numbers, or I click the button a few times to switch it.

LightBurn 09.13 - Unit Issue, Inches LightBurn 09.13 - Unit Issue, Millimeters

This has been found and fixed already for the next update.

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Sounds good, thanks. Just wanted to put it out there :call_me_hand:

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