Unlimited Layers: Feature request

As others have mentioned on this forum, the 32 layer limit is rather restrictive.
I understand the original intent was to limit to match certain controller type’s limits.

But couldn’t that just be an automatic if someone connects that type of controller, vs restricting everyone else?

For the casual power/speed test I do use the power scale feature, which helps immensely.
However when I try to create a depth/#passes/speed test grid, I am quickly using up the 30+ layers
For instance,
10 columns for speed.
12 rows for depth/#passes.

Since each change in depth/#passes require it’s own layer to adjust either depth or # of passed.
I can fit 3 rows per saved gcode, then I have to start another file. So in the above example I need 4 files.
See my below image for a visual.

I am planning a much larger project that will cover an entire floor of wood panels, and I am racking my brain as how I will get around the layer limit.

Along the same line, as far as layer colors go, a simple color picker in the individual layer’s setting menu would solve a number of user complaints.

Personally I don’t care if every layer was black, if I could have more layer.

I was happy to pay for your retailed version to support your project. It is a great program, and keeps getting better

That’s why you have power scale within layers.

Yes, I mentioned I use power scale when appropriate,
But in the sample given, everything is happily at 100% power. And I would like to keep it at 100% power. Power scale will not assist with layer limits in this example.
Thank you for your time.

Since there are very few times that more than 29 layers are needed in a real project, I think you should make a set of test files and use them as a template for your various experiments. I do not see any limitations in the current 29 seperately usable layers or the 29x100 individual configurable “layers”. The thought of an extra rainbow at the bottom of my desktop doesn’t make me any happier either. :wink:

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