Unnecessary Paths for Laser & cant skip to a certain timestamp

Hello dear community,
I currently have a time consuming problem,
when lasering an image with lightburn onto material the following happens:

It moves at places where it doesnt even laser, The 3 units in the middle make me lose 1 hour,
how do I fix this ?
and why does it do this ?

The laser drives over the spaces and simply does nothing

I also got a different problem but dont think that it got sth to do with it,
When previewing and selecting a time stamp it will always start at the beginning, eventhough i selected a time-stamp…

Would be very glad if someone more experienced could help me to fix these errors, or explain me the solution.

Best Regards
a wonderful day

It’s difficult to see exactly what’s happening in the preview or what might be contributing to the longer runs. Are you able to share the .lbrn file?

If not, can you take an animated screencap of the preview or take a series a screenshots along different time positions of the preview?

Also a full screenshot of LightBurn with your design showing as well as screenshots of all cut settings used would be essential.

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