Unsure what is happening with laser

Hello experts,
im having some problems i think with settings. it has been not burning as the orginal laser and cant figure out why. I changed out the laser with this laser

Here are my light burn settings






































More information is needed
How did you wire the laser
How are you powering it
Is the laser head emitting light, or not even that?

what makes you think is the settings vs wiring?

I think it’s the setting since the laser does work but it’s been acting weird. Like not filling in an object and that when I toggle the laser mode to off it seems to be more powerful than when it’s on. What kind of information do you need?

You might need to enable “Laser Mode” if you have GRBL 1.1f or later ($32=1) - Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

I did do that but the laser seems to loss power when I do that. It fires with it both on and off but when it’s off it seems to be stronger and possibly a different color? Can’t really confirm tinted glasses and all that. I was wondering if I had the power set wrong in the program and that’s why it was so weak?