Unwanted Line when engraving [XToolD1]

Hey Everyone, hope you could help me out here…using lightburn, I am engraving a rubber sheet…I see these random lines appearing in the middle of the engraving space. Have you come across something like this. Appreciate if you could assist me on this.

When I zoom in I see a small amount of lost motion.

Are you engraving this line-by-line in the direction of the long red arrow?


The line-pattern (artifact or error) shown can only be caused intentionally or by a small lack of travel in the direction of the long arrow.

The group of short arrows show the direction that that the output moved toward the starting point (if you were proceeding line-by-line).

Check for debris on the belts and damage to the motor drive sprockets.
A bent rotating component could introduce a periodic/repeating error.

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