Unwanted travel moves

Why am I getting all of these travel moves off to the right? It does it on every round image that I import. Seems like a lot of non-essential travel moves. I have “Optimize Moves” checked, and checked the advanced options menu for those, but I don’t see anything that has helped. Is this normal?

Jinsoku LE-1620 5.5W Portable Laser Engraver, Sain Smart Laser, GRBL(?)

Try sending a file with this issue in .lbrn2 format

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Okay. Umm, how do I do that?
Is there a way to attach it here in the forum?


Either drag-and-drop into the edit window or push the icon that looks like an up-arrow.


Lightburn Test 1.lbrn2 (319.1 KB)

The file does not fail anything when I do a simulation.
But beyond that, I will probably choose to trace the image and work with it as vector graphics.

I’m not getting what you’re getting.

Is this the actual same file you’re having an issue with?

Sorry, we had to go run some errands. Can that be done in LightBurn?


Yes, it’s the exact same file…
Seems like I have a setting wrong. Yes, it burns fine, but it does do the extraneous moves…


I can’t think of any setting that would do this. I thought maybe you had something around the image that wasn’t showing up but affecting the path.

Try disabling cut optimization and see if anything changes.

I’ll try that shortly and let you know what happens. I think I tried that last night, but I’ve tried so many things that I can’t remember…

I know it’s doing it with different images that are round, also.

Some connection to the round thing.

lol. Oh yeah, thank you!


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