Update 1.3.01 Galvo


After the newest update I get this error doing cylinder correction, with multiple names.
Attached is a picture and the file (I hope).
Prior to the update I could have all the names sitting off to the side and grab them as needed.

I am assuming there is something that needs to be turned off or on, to be able to continue to with keeping a bunch of names off the side the page. If I do one name cylinder correction works fine.

Few more notes:
Removing the tool lines does nothing.
Name in behind screen shot is highlighted.
Changing the names to the side a different colour and hiding them does nothing.
Putting the names all on the page and highlighting the name to mark it (LB?) doesn’t realize only one name is highlighted.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Yeti Test file.lbrn2 (51.5 KB)

Turn on cut selected graphics.

That worked thx.

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