Update controller card for k40

Hi, i just buyed K40 chinese laser, and i want use it with lightburn, somebody know if the mks sbase v1.3 controller works fine with lightburn? I know others controller card more expensive, but i prefer to try with cheaper cards


The controller matters less than the firmware it runs. If it’s running a proper version of GRBL-lpc or Smoothieware, yes it should work fine.

I did the upgrade and it works fine. The motors on my Analog K40 just plugged in(didn’t have ribbon cable) and the end stop cable just needed a simple adapter since the stock M2 controller used a 3 pin connector for the end stops( sig1,gnd,sig2 ) and the MKSbase v1.3 used sig1,gnd sig2,gnd connections.

So works great, just not 100% plug/n/play like the Cohesion3D upgrade.

Which firmware are you running? I’ve modded mine using BTT SKR 1.3 & TMC2208s for a total of $24 usd running Smoothieware Cluster flavor and I am extremely pleased.

Good question and I don’t know since I can’t see any output in Lightburn’s console which shows me this.
My file on my desktop show from 2018 so it’s a couple years old. I don’t recall where I obtained the firmware from as I have both smoothieware firmware and a cohesion3D version on my desktop.

Yes, works great.

Use the Smoothieware cluster version firmware.

I want to use LightBurn on iMac, you know if no problem with that? Thanks!!

just so you know, that is Cohesion3D forked Smoothieware and not official Smoothieware. “Cluster” support is non-standard GCode so it will probably not work with anything other than Lightburn.

It’s backward compatible with standard GCode, so anything that supports standard Smoothieware will work with it, but clustered GCode will only work on that firmware.


None. It’s all I use

You’d said it was Smoothieware as if it was from Arthur Wolf… and that’s not where people would get that. 2nd Rodeo? LOL Hopefully Ray will keep the fork in step with Smoothieware. For those who care.

BTW, it’s a very nice feature I just wish there were a better way to extend Smoothieware without requiring a fork.

Smoothieware has added features or changes since the Cluster code was added. I think Doug’s comment was more along the lines of, “you can have Cluster or new Smoothieware, but not both” (at least not without some work).

Exactly and it would have been more helpful to say where to get it since most people are going to go to the Smoothieware site looking for the Clustering version.

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